The Franciscan Walk

Saint Francis loved the Rieti Valley. Here he found refuge from the vanities of the world. He found kind, simple people who understood his message. He found lush and peaceful nature. Saint Francis made the Rieti Valley his home along with Assisi and the Verna. Since then, this splendid plain amidst the hills and mountains has been known as the Sacred Valley. Saint Francis chose the Sacred Valley to carry out three fundamental episodes in his daily and spiritual life: in 1223 he created the first Nativity in Christianity, wrote the Rule of the Franciscan Order, and probably composed the sweet song of praise, The Canticle of All Creatures in the same year. The Saint Francis Walk is the same route travelled by the Saint in the Sacred Valley.

By taking the Walk, you will travel along the paths and roads that Saint Francis loved so much. You will be immersed in the same spectacular nature that enveloped Saint Francis. Greccio is an old hilltown overhanging the Velino river on a spur of the Monti Sabini. The town first is first mentioned as Grecce or Grezze in the 11th century, when it had a castle. The castle has now disappeared except for a single tower, which is now the belfry of the church of S. Michele.